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Blue&White small.png
Blue and White
Color: Blue and White
Extruder: .35mm
Temperature: Hot tip: 210C, Bed: 0C
Design: Open Hybrid Mendel
Electronics: RAMPS
Firmware: Marlin
Operation Status: Thumb down.png


This is the page for the State College Rep Rap User Group's (SCRUG) Blue & White 3D printer. The printer was developed, assembled, and is currently operated by students in Penn State's Engineering Design 497J course and members of the 3D printing club. Our goal is to continuously tweak the printer until it is ready for distribution and sale to other departments in the University and local schools and businesses.

This printer is mainly comprised of blue and white frame pieces.


Date Status
12/05/2013 Updated wiki page to show current status. Printer has all components added and is awaiting testing and callibration.
11/14/2013 Printer is awaiting electronics. All other components are finished.
11/7/2013 Printer X-axis is completely assembled.
8/29/2013 Blue and White build is continued. Just the frame built.
Spring 2013 Blue and White build is started.
2/18/2014 Blue and White rejoin repair, extruder assembled, wires reconnected, limit switches adjusted.
2/20/2014 The distance between 2 Y-axis was adjusted, replaced the right connection part at bottom.
2/25/2014 Reconnected the right Z-axis, adjusted the plate, movement correct, extruding testing.
2/27/2014 Blue and White started work, filament entrance bolt tightened, extruding motor's gear replacing.
4/29/2014 The blue and white printer is currently working but could be printing better. The y-axis is off and results in elongated prints. The printer in general requires more calibration. The extruder tip also leaks melted plastic near the top of it while printing. It is still currently unknown why the extruder is leaking and where exactly the fracture or gap in the extruder is located.



Assembled by
Leo Funk
Oyenola Adeola Ogunro
Justin Frazier
Dimitar Dimitrov
Current Operators
Tony Armlin
Lee Schwartz
Graham Deever
Yuan Chai
Todd Troutman
State College RepRap Users Group
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