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Состояние выпуска: Prototype

LCD boards for RAMPS electronics.
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As I were developing the RAMPS 1.7 and RAMPS 1.4.4 shields, I discovered that creating LCD add-on boards would be an interesting way to do further testing and/or add easy-connect functionality to these RAMPS shields.

RAMPS 1.7 - LCD-03


This LCD board accommodates RepRapDiscount LCDs, both Text and Full Graphics versions, via the EXP-1 and EXP-2 ports


  • As the RAMPS 1.7 shield does not have an AUX-2 connector, this LCD board has an AUX-6 connector, which simulates the AUX-2 port, so it becomes possible to connect LCD displays to the RAMPS 1.7 shield, where the LCD is otherwise designed to connect to the AUX-2 port of a standard RAMPS board.
  • The AUX-3+ connector is duplicated on this board, so it easy to connect SPI items, together with a RRD LCD display.
  • On the RRD LCDs there are provisions for the addition of a Stop or Reset button. This option already has a dedicated wire in the EXP-2 port connector. This wire can be directly connected to the Arduino Reset pin or to D45, by setting jumper J2 on the LCD-03 board.



The LCD-03 board mounted on a RAMPS 1.7C board

Gerber Files

Sprint-Layout PCB design files

Where to get the RAMPS 1.7 - LCD-03 board

For now you have to download the Gerber files, and upload them to a PCB manufacturer. This is however a very low cost, and simple and very straightforward activity by now (2019).

You can check out DirtyPCB, SeeedStudio, JLCPCB, AllPCB, and more, they all produce good and very useful PCBs.

RAMPS 1.7 - LCD-01

A universal bi-directional 3V <=> 5V converter for all pins on Aux-3+ and Aux-4 ports.

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