Protected Mosfet

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A protected MOSFET contains integrated transient surge protection circuitry and is less susceptible to electrostatic discharge and other transients, as compared to standard, unprotected MOSFETs.

Examples of MOSFETS (most are protected) in RepRap electronics are:

Electronics MOSFET Part Number Notes
RAMPS STMicroelectronics
STripFETTM II Power MOSFET -- Integrated source-drain zener
Pololu Electronics STMicroelectronics
MOSFET OMNIFETII 40V 12A 0.02 ohm TO-220 -- Thermal, short, overvoltage, feedback, ESD
R2C2 electronics Unprotected MOSFETS External protection provided on board with zeners
Generation 7 Electronics International Rectifier
30V 78A 0.0032 ohm, internal zeners, for heated bed (no heatsink with low freq PWM)
International Rectifier
55V 49A 0.017 ohm, internal zeners, for extruder
Sanguinololu Fairchild
30A, 60V, ESD Rated, 0.047 Ohm, Logic Features

Level N-Channel Power MOSFETs -- 2KV esd, integrated source-drain zener, integrated gate-source zeners