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PandaPi Raspberry Pi Shield

Warning some parts of this solution are closed source. There is a used which is compiled from source but only the binary is provided. It is used with Marlin firmware.

PandaPiV2.png PandaPiV2.5.png

PandaPi V1.0 PandaPi V2.0 PandaPi V2.5
Extruders 2 2
Controlled Fans
Heaters 3
Endstops 3
Temp. sensors 3
SWD 1 (STlinkV2)
Serial port chip CH340G
stepper driver 6*(TMC2209/TMC2208/A4988)Modular, replaceable,uart for TMC2209 sensorless endstop 6*(TMC2209/TMC2208/A4988)Modular, replaceable,uart for TMC2209 sensorless endstop
Input 9~28V 20A max 9~28V 20A max
heater Output 15Amax 15Amax
MCU stm32 stm32
LCD Graphic128*64/CrealityLCD128*64/HDMI Graphic128*64/CrealityLCD128*64/HDMI Graphic128*64/CrealityLCD128*64/HDMI
FAN Support mixed use of 3V-24V fans
filament detect pin reuse the SWD pin
Bed Leveling BLtouch / support 5V~36V Inductive sensor NPN, since it have optocoupler.
Protection 4 autorecovery fuses and isolation components for over-current and reverse polarity protection for board,drivers,raspberry pi.

Supported RaspberryPi | Pi 4B/3B/3B+


FAN0:hotend cooler,it will be opened if the temperature is higher than 60°C.

FAN1:model cooler, controlled by the gcode file or gcode command, M106: Set Fan Speed "M106 S255", M107: Fan Off.

FAN2:board cooler,If the driver is working, it will be opened.