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Mowi Printer

Release status: experimental

Mowi Printer.jpg
The Mowiprinter is a foldable 3d printer with dualextrusion and a building volume of 260 x 200 x 195mm.
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CAD Models
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The Mowi Printer is a foldable 3d printer, folded flat it is small, but opened up it can print big and with two materials. It also has a display for standalone printing. The Mowi printer is still under development so expect the files to change. I also did some manual changes that are not reflected in the files yet.

At the moment there is no build manual yet. I hope there is enough information to get you started on building your own Mowi printer. In the Step Assembly on Github you can see how everything fits together. Let me know when you start building so we can work on the documentation together. You can post any issues on the github. All help in improving the design and/or the documentation is very very welcome.


  • Printing Size: 260mm x 200mm x 195mm
  • Folded size: 400mm x 330mm x 86mm
  • Printed Parts: 10
  • Lasercut parts: 21
  • Bought Parts: ???
  • Electronics: RAMPS 1.4
  • Firmware: Marlin

Main Open Issues

  • The printer is not yet stable enough for reliable printing when placed on an uneven surface. (Find a way to fixate Y box to Z Frame for printing)
  • The cables get stuck underneath the hinge when unfolding and they get stuck between the x endstop and the x carriage.
  • The X-Carriage can only be printed with support and needs a lot of cleaning.
  • Dual extruder calibration.
  • Easier Assembly needed.
  • Less different vitamins.
  • Spoolholders that do not need to be removed for folding

Bill of Materials

I tried to use mostly (industry) standard parts so most parts can be bought at a lot of suppliers, the links are only an example.

For aliexpress links, substitute the xx in the link for ss, unfortunately Aliexpress links are blocked on due to spam)


The Design of the Mowi printer is based on the work of many other 3d printer designers, thanks a lot!!! Its inspired by Prusa i3, Ultimaker, Foldarap, Cartesio, by flow and many many others.