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Mostly Printed CNC

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Multi Use CNC Platform
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The Mostly Printed CNC is an inexpensive easily sourced CNC platform based on 608 bearings, EMT conduit, and 3D printed parts. All axis can easily be made to any length within reason depending on desired function.


Code Named Melvin CNC

The first files (23.5mm OD or 3/4" EMT) were released on March 14th 2015. A month later on April 24th 2015 an international version(25mm OD) was made to make this an more easily sourced machine world wide. On July 18, 2015 a large increase in rigidity was gained with the "Better Middle Z" part for both machines, the only part that required support when printing.

On 5/25/16 a major revision was made to the middle and Z-Axis assemblies. The main advantages are increased rigidity, a more stable square gantry, and a universal tool mount for all sizes to decrease on tool mount design fragmentation. No more support required for any of the printed parts. The MPCNC 525.

July 13, 2016, the final 1" OD (25.4mm) version was released "Mostly Printed CNC 525 MPCNC "J-25.4mm = 1" OD"". With the three designs complete, most anywhere in the world has access to common EMT conduit to build a machine.


The intent of this design is to keep the cost low, easily sourced, no specialized tools required to build (other than the now readily available 3D printer), making it easy to get started in CNC. No need for a bunch of stand alone single function expensive machines when the Mostly Printed CNC does many things well.

This is a micro-manufacturing CNC platform capable of most any functions a person or small business might need to aid in production or for rapid prototype both additive and subtractive. Common functions include CNC plasma cutting, 3D Printing, laser etching/cutting, drag knife cutting, plotting, and most importantly 2.5D milling with enough rigidity for light aluminum work.

All axis can be made to any length and all axis are open ended so no precision cutting is required. This is easily built with basic tools and some patience.


The website has all the most current information

The precision parts are 3D printed to keep the important dimensions relatively accurate. Any control board will work, the Mini-Rambo is the most frequently used, followed by ramps 1.4, and smoothie boards. 5 NEMA steppers drive the machine 2 on the X and Y axis one on the Z axis. A small power supply, commonly 12V 5A. The rails are common hardware store EMT Conduit, the bearings are the easily sourced 608 type, and off the shelf common hardware imperial or metric.

The tool head is easily changed out with a few screws when switching functions. A parasolid of a generic tool holder is available to make your own tool holder if one does not already exist for your preferred tool.


The frequent large builds created the need for a full sheet CNC inspired by crawlbot, the LowRider CNC was designed.

Video playlist, here.

Winner of Boca Bearings international innovation contest in July 2015. article Here.

4 head 3D Printer write up on the 4 head here.