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Kent's Strapper - Printers & 3D rapid prototyping is a Florence-based team born in September 2010. Kent's Strapper offers 3D printing services and sells 3D printers. The Kent's Strapper team is composed of Lorenzo Cantini, Luciano Cantini Cantini Ugo and Paolo Rinaldi. The team name comes from the nickname given to Lorenzo: Kent's, and Strapper comes from the name given to all derivative work from the original RepRap 3D printer. Kent's Strapper was born when a CNC machine was built in house from recycled materials. After making a basic CNC system, the team thought to use a system that deposits material rather than one that removes material.

On June 7, 2011, the team was a guest on GEO & GEO, an Italian tv program on Rai Tre. There, they presented a RAPMAN and a Prusa.

More info:

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[email protected]