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Hugo Documentation
Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status: working

Hugo is a parametric derivate of the Printrbot.
Dual-licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA) [1] and LGPL v2 or later [2].
CAD Models
External Link

This is Hugo. Named after Hugo de Vries who introduced the term "mutation".

The entire design is done in OpenSCAD and all files are hosted on

It is a derivative of the original Printrbot by abdrumm, but all parts are redesigned and improved.

Some Improvements are:

  • Nut traps everywhere
  • Optional cross braces
  • Centered y belt
  • Carriage with 3 bearings
  • Belt tensioner for x and y Belts
  • Additional support in y direction

Build Instructions: Hugo_Build/de (original German)


There is a H-Assembly.scad, which is not perfect but shows a complete setup of the printer. To view this H-Assembly.scad I recommend to use the actual developer release of OpenScad e.g. [3] and to set the value for "Turn off render at ... elements" [edit->Preferences] to a higher value (I use 200000).

This WILL need good hardware acceleration to view in openSCAD, ensure you have a modern graphics card and if your in Linux ensure you have your graphics card drivers working - Thebaron88 18:49, 14 May 2012 (UTC)

There are several prebuilt .stl files to discover and to put your own assembly together or you build your own via OpenSCAD.

In general if you print H-Set1.stl and H-Set2.stl you should have all mandatory parts to build the printer. If you also print H-Set3.stl you should be able to setup the entire printer with reinforcements as shown in H-Assembly.scad. The H-Set7_PLA.stl contains all necessary linear bearings plus some extra, in case some come out in bad quality. This bearings should be printed in PLA because it is harder then ABS.

Print the H-TestObject.stl first to check the quality of your prints. It has the main difficulties of the printed objects in one part.

Bill of Materials

Printer Quality Test

Quantity Picture Description Recommend
1 H-TestObject.png Quality Test Object PLA / ABS

There are 3 different models available:

Pb_Standard: It uses T5 belts which are commonly used.

Hugo_Standard: It uses T2.5 belts. This printer has been successfully sliced with “Slic3r 0.72b” with a 0.32mm Layer Height.

Hugo+: It uses T2.5 Belts and is designed for 12mm Z-Rods. This printer has been successfully sliced with “Skeinforge” and a 0.25mm Layer Height.

The table shows only a selection of parts. You will find extra/additional parts as well as alternative layouts for some parts on “github”.

The file download-links are for Hugo_Standard.

Basic Printed Parts

Quantity Picture Description Recommend
1 H-BaseSet.png Base Set PLA / ABS
1 H-Y-BeltDivert.png Y-Belt Divert PLA / ABS
1 H-BarEnd.png Y-Bar End PLA / ABS
1 BearingGuideSet.png Bearing Guide Set PLA / ABS
1 H-EndstopHolderSet1.png Endstop Holder Set PLA / ABS
1 H-Y-BeltClamp.png Y-Belt Clamp Set PLA / ABS
1 H-X-End.png X-End Set PLA / ABS
1 H-X-Carriage.png X-Carriage ABS
1 H-XtruderMount.png X-Etruder Mount ABS
1 GregsWade V4.png Gregs Extruder
(is this the same as Greg's Hinged Extruder ?)
1 GregsWadebits.png Extruder Gears Set PLA / ABS
1 H-Y-SupportFoot.png Y-End Foot Set PLA / ABS
1 H-BarClamp.png Y-Bar Clamp Set PLA / ABS
1 H-Z-Coupling.png Z Cupling Set PLA / ABS
0 H-Set1.png Print Set1 PLA / ABS
0 H-Set2.png Print Set2 PLA / ABS
0 H-Set3.png Print Set3 PLA / ABS

Additional Printed Parts

Quantity Picture Description Recommend
1 H-Fanduct.png Extruder Cooling Fan ABS
1 H-BarClampCross.png Z Support PLA / ABS
1 H-RampsHolder.png RAMPS Mount PLA / ABS
1 H-Z-End.png Z-End Support PLA / ABS
1 H-BearingGuide.png Bearing Guide Set Easy Print PLA / ABS
1 H-Y-BeltClamp alternativ.png Y Belt Clamp Easy Print PLA / ABS
1 H-X-Carriage alternative.png X Carriage Alternative PLA / ABS
1 H-EndstopHolderSet2.png Endstop Holder Set Of 6 PLA / ABS

Electric and Elektronic

Any of the commonly known boards will do: Arduino[4] with RAMPS[5]; Sanguinololu [6]; Printrboard [7];


Amount Size Lenght
6 M2.5 12mm
13 M3 10mm
13 M3 15mm
6 M3 25mm
3 M3 35mm
3 M8 30mm


Amount Size
6 M2.5
20 M3
48 M8


Amount Size
6 M2.5
35 M3
48 M8

Threaded Rods

Place Amount Size Lenght
Base 4 M8 310mm
Z-Axis 2 M8 310mm

Smooth Rods

Place Amount Size Lenght
X-Axis 2 M8 330mm
Y-Axis 2 M8 330mm
Z-Axis 2 M8 330mm


Bar clamp: Bar clamp by Josef Průša [8]

Bearing Guide: Bearing Guide by GregFrost [9]

Also some modules and metric files from the two above.

Extruder: Greg's Wade reloaded - Guidler, Tilt Screws, Fishbone Gears by jonaskuehling [10]

Printrbot: THE Printrbot by abdrumm [11]

Thanks to all of them.