Holliger Y-axis Carriage Assembly

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Step 1 - The Y-axis carriage

Required Parts

RP parts Quantity Hardware Quantity
Reprappro-huxley-bearing-holder-fixed.png 1 Lasercut frog 1
Reprappro-huxley-bearing-holder-float.png 1 LM6UU Linear bearings 3
Reprappro-huxley-belt-clamp.jpg 2 M3 x 12 screw 4
Reprappro-huxley-belt-tensioner.jpg 1 M3 nyloc nuts 5
M3 x 25 screw 4


Assemble the parts of the Y sled as shown:

The required parts

Push the bearings in from the side. Don't try to clip them in from the top. They should be an interference fit and should stay where they are put.

Reprappro-huxley-bearings-from-the-side.jpg Reprappro-huxley-bearings-from-the-side-b.jpg

When correctly fitted, the linear bearing should protrude by the same amount from each end of the bearing holders.

The screws should be inserted from the top of the frog (the side without the markings). Use the 12mm M3 screws and nuts for the bearing holders, and the 25mm M3 screws and nylock nuts for the Y Belt Clamps. This image is showing the bottom of the frog (the side with the markings).


Fit an M3 nyloc nut inside the hexagonal recess of the belt tensioner, then loosely attach this to the frog assembly using four M3 nyloc nuts. The belt tensioner has a boss at one end. This should be fitted nearest the camera as shown in the image below.