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Example Development

Release status: unknown

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documenting a generic tool/artpiece
CAD Models
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This page represents an example development page and showcases many features that can be used in creating new development pages.

Working Notes. This is a stub!

Everything below this point is working notes.


This is a generic Widgit Banger! I (Mr. Bunny) made it because it's cool but I use it to make Widgits. Share and Enjoy! (This page was made using the wiki page Development:Example as a model.)


Mr. Bunny's Paypal account. Mr. Bunny's not going to get much money from this, so you can delete it, but it's worth a try on Mr. Bunny's part.

Entrepreneurship (Kits)

Mr. Bunny may have a cottage industry making and selling kits. He's also the developer. If you want to buy a kit, he's the best person to buy one from.

Files and Parts

Generic/Daughter_part and CarrotStraightener. (As a gentle style recommendation, it's good to try to keep all your parts and files on the RepRap wiki rather than scattered around so that Mr. Bunny doesn't have to use a scripts and so on to get stuff back onto the wiki.)

Photos and Drawings

Flicker Example


Working Notes

Project Lead(s): Mr. Bunny Wiki-maintainers and helpers:

Forum thread?



File:Uploaded files.zip


Description of tooling requirements.


What is making the part like?