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A4988 G3D Stepper Drivers

Release status: working

G3d 1.jpg
New generation stepper motor driver
CC (Noncommercial)
CAD Models
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This is the new innovative stepper motor driver for your 3D printer or any task involved stepper motors! It is a new generation as replacement for Pololu/StepStick it is fully compatible with Pololu and StepStick.

Professional design ensure stable operation of this driver - it contain double copper PCB for better heat dissipation.

Using standard A4988 drivers you face the problem of vibration / shaking stepper motors and frame when stepper motors are moving (most noticeable on Z stage). These drivers solves this problem by using an additional 30k trimpot to correctly select the off-time settings. Is it complicated to use? No, you only need to turn second trimpot (OSC) fully counterclokwise and that's all - you can enjoy smoother and quieter stepper motors operation and no more lost motor steps because of non-optimal off-time settings.

Where to get it?

4pcs or 5pcs G3D Drivers fully soldered and assembled and ready to use:

4pcs GADGETS3D.com
5pcs GADGETS3D.com
Fabster3D Ebay

You can also build it by yourself design files you can find at bottom of page.

VREF Calculation Formula

REF = I_TripMax * 8 * 0.1 I_TripMax - Trip current of your motor (A)

Example: 0.4A * 8 * 0.1 = 0.32V


G3d 11.jpg

G3d 22.jpg

G3d 33.jpg

Design Files

Files will be available within 24-48h.