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Belts and Pulleys

  • RepMachina
  • Mixshop Located in Canada
  • A2APrinter Located in Canada.
  • SDP/SI -- now ships to Canada cheaply by USPS. HUGE selection. Much more than just belts and pulleys.
  • Quality Transmission Components USA -- ships to Canada. Only belts and gears and not all types. Probably cheaper than SDP-SI for what they have.
  • Misumi very nice stuff including extrusion for Mendelmax. Some parts very costly. Ships to Canada.
  • Active Surplus Several locations in GTA, lots of great stuff for hobbyists. Best to visit store.
  • EckerTech Inc. Located in Canada


Reprap-specific electronics

General component suppliers

  • Future Electronics - much lower prices for single quanitities than Digikey. Located in Canada, great online ordering.
  • - in US with Canadian prices. $10 flat rate shipping and no add'l brokerage. Also sells Arduino.
  • Active Electronics -- arduino (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary)

Niche suppliers selling Arduinos or steppers

  • -- Arduino and steppers (Montreal)
  • -- Arduino (Vancouver)
  • -- Arduino and steppers (Montreal)
  • -- Arduino and steppers (Toronto)
  • -- Arduino (Hamilton)
  • -- Arduino (Vancouver)

Other US Suppliers

  • -- USA
  • -- USA
  • -- USA

For general parts, try Future (cheapest, Canadian) or Digikey (has more, USA). Be sure to use



Best bet is an independent local industrial supply or fastener house. You will likely have to buy a box but it may be cheaper than just a few from the hardware store. Second best is probably Fastenal/Brafasco.

  • Fastenal (everywhere -- minimums may apply)
  • Brafasco (everywhere -- minimums may apply)
  • Peavey Mart -- West coast hardware chain
  • Local electronics stores: often have great small fasteners from MODE electronics.

You can also try Canadian Tire, Metal Supermarkets, Lowe's, Home Depot, Home Hardware, etc. Hardware store rods usually suck. Drill rod from an industrial supply will be much better for the same price.



Hand Tools

  • Princess Auto great selection of decent tools cheaper than Canadian Tire / Home Depot / etc.

Check out local pawn shops for cheap tools, too.

Computer Parts


Each RUG should have a page, but that will have to wait.




  • Mixshop
  • A2APrinter
  • Items are very overpriced. Useful if you urgently need parts, and are located downtown.
  • Active Surplus Several locations in GTA, lots of great stuff for hobbyists (you can find good stuff for a RepRap). Best to visit store.
  • EckerTech Inc.




Working Notes

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We should put up a page on the Wiki regarding Canadian suppliers. I had a look at the Builders Wiki, but I wasn't sure exactly where to stick it. There's a section in the Mendel BOM and Mendel Buyers Guide regarding suppliers, but this might be more general than just Mendel parts.