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Release status: Prototype

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Repstrap developed by members of L! Zornstein at University of Leoben, Austria
GPL v2
CAD Models
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 Zornstrap-Deutsch is a great place for documentation too!!! --WikiSysop 08:55, 2 December 2010 (UTC)  

The ZornStrap is a repstrap based on Mendel electronics and prefabricated components and extruded aluminium. The Goal is to get a working system within a short period of time, capable of the same accuracy as the original Mendel, but with much larger build volume. It will be used to print mendel parts and other components, but should also a a later stage be able to do milling and drilling jobs. The name is inspired by the "Sudetendeutsche Akademische Landsmannschaft Zornstein zu Leoben", a students fraternity at the university. All current team members are members of that fraternity, but the team is of course open for all that want to join in. The team members consists of students of the following studies

  • Rkoeppl a material scientist/metallurgist
  • another material scientist who studied technical mathematics for a year befor switching studies
  • a mechanical engineer
  • a polymer scientist
  • a mining engineer who studied robotics for a year befor switching studies


A first Printer was created, consisting of a salvaged X/Y-table bought on ebay Two linear motion systems based on trapezoid spindles for Z and some wood. This initial model differs a lot from the project goal, but works fine for gaining experience and creating all printed parts needed. we currently use Gen6 Electronics and Adrians geared extruder with a mendelparts v4 hot end (more or less identical to this). Heating is done with a resistor heater block also obtained from mendel-parts. A heated platform is under construction. There will probably be several iterations of the build until we reach something we deem good enough. So far print results are good, we already replaced the driven gear - which was a bit oval- with one we printed our self. Pictures of the first printed part can be found here. The part in the picture is unreamed, just as it came out of the printer. We have further improved quality and will soon be able to offer printed parts. Announcements will be made in the forum when this is achieved. So far we only print with PLA.


The Simultux project is a linux distribution designed for CAD/CAE similar to CAE-Linux, that we are currently developing. It is currently only available in German. The ZornStrap we are designing will make it into a complete solution by adding capabilities for rapid prototyping. Help is always welcome with our projects. The goal is to incorporate the following packages:

  • Code Aster a french FEM code, mainly developed by EDF
  • Calculix a german FEM code, mainly developed by MTU employees in their spare time
  • Elmer a multiphysics simulation package developed in Finnland
  • Scilab an open source Matlab clone
  • Code Saturne a CFD code mainly developed by EDF
  • Open Foam an open Source CFD code
  • Salome a CAD system with capabilities for parts meshing as well as pre/postprocessing of FEM/CFD simulations


  • Add CAD drawings
  • Add full description
  • Add list of parts
  • Build machine
  • Add pictures
  • ZornStrap-Deutsch en->de translation