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Zmorph 3d printer

Release status: working

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new 3d printer with aluminium frame and clip-on exchangeable extruders
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Another video : Z-morph extruders in action and ZMorph working as a milling machine

This page describes Zmorph 3d printer (pronounced zee-morph), its construction, parts list and related 'how to' tutorials. Zmorph is a unique 3d printer based on RepRap Prusa Mendel machine, with major differences in frame design and extruder. It can be easily equipped with chamber that keeps the prints warm enough to prevent any warping. Working area is larger than in traditional RepRap, and is currently 210x230x160mm.

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Key features : - aluminium laser cut frame, assuring rigidity of construction - clip-on exchangeable toolheads, easy attachment/detachment, unlimited number of functionalities - currently supporting : plastic printing (3mm, 1.75 and dual material), chocolate printing, ceramics printing, CNC milling, laser cutting and engraving, 5 axis universal toolhead and more. - chamber increasing the temperature by 30-35 degrees, which assures warp-free printing (when printing large objects, heated bed is not enough)

More information about ZMorph 3d printer can be found at

Open source extruder :

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(last update 24 May 2014)