ZemcikO spool holder

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ZemcikO spool holder

Release status: working

This is my simple material spool holder.
CAD Models
Alibre 3D, STL
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Simple spool holder for Mendel or any other reprap printer

Status: fully working.

Description: Its realy simple materiál spool holder. Some parts were taken from my mendel/sinuhed model. Size of threaded rods is increased. This ensures the material position obove 3d printer. Width of holder is twice as big as needed for 300mm spool. This is done to make possible design axis for 600mm spools or universal axis.

Bill of materials

Spool holder

5x M8x300mm

4x M8x480mm

2x M8x513mm (max 5Euro all rods)

47x M8 washer

25x M8 Nut

24x M8 Nylock (+- 2Euro all nuts and washers)

2x ball bearing 608zz (1Euro)

10x ABS parts (4-5 Euro for material)

300mm spool (u have one if u buy material from grrf, etc)

Total +- 12 Euro


1x M8x300mm

18x M8 Nut

10x M8 washer

2x ball bearing 608zz (1Euro)

20cm of "tube isolation"

9x plastic parts

another +-3 euros

Some of nylock nuts (except 4 holding bearings) can be replaced with regular M8 nusts.

Aditional improvements

Brake To prevent extra rotation of spool i have designed simple brake. It can by simple mount on spool holder and adjusted for chosen spool.

Leading for material

On top of reprap im using simple leading from plastic parts and M8 rods. Any type of "leading" can be used ill show here mine from mendel and sinuhed.

Models and drawings

Spool holder

File:STLspool.zip STL files of printed parts of ZemcikO spool holder.

File:STPspool.zip Step files of ZemcikO spool holder.

File:ZOspool.zip Alibre files of ZemcikO spool holder.


File:Brzda-stojanu.stp Step files of brake for spool holder.

File:Stojan-celek.stp Step files of complete Zemciko spool holder.

File:Brzda-stl.zip STL files of brake for Zemciko spool holder.

Material support (leading)

File:Striska-celek.stp Step files v1 for mendel/prusa.

File:Striska-celek2.stp Step files v2 for mendel/prusa.

3D model and photo of working holder

<videoflash type="youtube">4YI4Eap9nR0</videoflash>

example of using spool holder with reprap sinuhed, hot-end (v2.5)is mounted, printig geared wheel for plastruder (z=43 m=1,5mm).


Another axis for different spools.