ZemcikO mounted mendel bed

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ZemcikO mounted bed

Release status: working

Skladany stul 1.jpg
This is my mounted aluminium bed, easily builded from aluminium profile, usable for PCB heated bed.
CAD Models
pdf 2D drawings
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Aluminium mounted bed for reprap mendel

Status: fully working.

After some time i have decided to rebuild printng table. Aluminium plate is unawayable for me, so i bought aluminium profile 40x3mm and made mounted aluminum table.

Mail advantages are:

1. its relativelly easy to build

2. cheap

3. modular (u can simply change size, increasing dimensions of Alu parts)

4. designed in ISO standard with iso easily maintained parts (in EU)

Bill of materials

Alu profile 40x3mm +-1,5m

Nylock nuts M3 (30x)

M3 washers (60x)

M3 bolts DIN 965 M3x12 or equivalent (30x)

Total price 4-5 euro


- drilling machine, gauge, centre punch, drill 3,2mm, countersing 90°, saw etc.

Mouted aluminum table

File:Skladny stul vykres.pdf Drawing of mounted aluminium table by ZemcikO in pdf format.

U can contact me on [email protected] --zemciko 09:19, 19 June 2011 (UTC)