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Yet Another RepRap Host (YARRH) is a combined G-Code compiler and RepRap driver. It is designed for simplicity from the ground up, providing a streamlined CAM Toolchain in one program. Wuflnor (Arkadiusz Śpiewak) wrote it entirely in C++ and Qt, so that it can be installed from single .exe file (available here). The original source code is available here on GitHub, along with a readme containing the following claims:

  • 3D view of printed object
  • 3D compose table
  • easy manipulation of objects
  • edditing group of objects at once
  • layer view for single and all layers
  • calibration procedures for printer with automatic stepps per mm calculations
  • integreated ui for slic3r
  • predefined configs for slicing
  • easy to use intuitive GUI
  • one file download, no dependencies, just install and use

More information can be found on this thread in the RepRap forums, in this Hack-A-Day article, and in numerous YouTube videos on the software. The installation files are also double-listed on GitHub, although the most recent versions are missing.