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YOUin3D pro one

Release status: working

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The YOUin3D pro one is an
improved I3 Berlin.
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Infobox info icon.svg.png Please note that this page is currently under development and might undergo several changes in near future.

The YOUin3D pro one is a revisited and upgraded version of the I3Berlin.

After taking over the I3 Berlin from Laydrop, we applied several changes and upgrades to the original design for better performance, a smoother finish and improved usability and user safety (e.g. CE and WEEE).

Main updates are the state of the art Auto Bed Leveling with genuine BL-Touch smart Sensor and E3D V6 Volcano Hotend.

Being under constant development, further upgrades like Single Nozzle Multi Color will be available soon.


  • The open design allows for high accessibility and is easy to understand for beginners
  • Fully assembled and ready to print out of the box
  • You can use any slicing software you like
  • Printing area of 200*200*200mm
  • A rigid anodized aluminium frame in matte black
  • Compact and safe electronics compartments with included LCD
  • Automatic Bed-leveling using top notch sensors
  • Easy and time efficient swap of the build plate
  • Uses 1.75mm filament
  • genuine E3D-V6 Volcano Hotend
  • Our direct-drive extruder design allows for convenient filament changing and can also print highly demanding materials including flexibles
  • Capable of dual extrusion for advanced Users
  • Made in Germany including high quality linear motion guides and maintenance free bearings from Igus

How to buy it?

  • You can order an assembled Printer online here, or just visit us at our shop in Berlin.
  • Manuals and part lists are available on our github page.

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Contact us

Please contact us at [email protected] or join us at the weekly meetup every wednesday in Berlin.