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Release status: concept

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An easy fabricable printer on small cnc's
CAD Models
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This printer is a redesigned one. The main aspect why i redesigned it is, that you can machine it on your small home cnc router.

The motors and the electronics are mounted on the top, because of heat dissipation and better access for maintenance. The six segments of the top and bottom assembly are all identical. The spool is mounted on top. Access is granted at all sides of the printer. Easy height change. Closed loop belts for better mounting, but also open belts are usable. A row of holes in the spool holder for diverse spooldiameter. Simple adjusting of the endstops. hollow carbon fibre bars. Motormount is just with zip ties and a screwed wooden u-block, for fast motorexchange An own developed effector. No vertikal extrusion profiles needed. The big effector should enable paste extruders and is more stable. The electronics can be mounted on top or under the top plate.

Machined Parts

Bill of Material

Qty. Part
1 Sainsmart Mega2560 R3+ 5xA4988 + Ramps 1.4
2 D=5 mm, L=1000mm carbon rods (not hollow)
13 M5 angle joint, DIN71802
20 12mm LM12UU Linear Bearing
1 Preassembled hotend MK-V with ptfe tube
5 Nema17, 1.7A, 17HS4417
Set 3x GT2 pulleys & 5 meter timing belt
4 D12x1,5-L=1450mm stainless steel tube from
1 80W Meanwell laptop powersupply


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technical details

Electronics Ramps1.4 common microswitch heatebed: no (pla recommended) extruder: bowden geared hotend: MK-V

Mechanics 12mm hardenend rod 700mm long - 6x GT2 belt and suitable pulleys pneufit push in fittings for bowden extruder PTFE Tube D6 - carbon fibre hollow tubes Ball joints - 12x Nema17 motor