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Rapatan / tansen labitat denmark

Hi I wonder if you could discuss 3 issues ( I would also like Adrian Bowyers input too if relevant may be we can have a chat? if relavent)

1. Some People have asked to donate money to MetalicaRap specifically, should this be discouraged?

2. At the moment the core MetalicaRap development teams are; Electron Gun dev. ; Vision SEM 3D , Vacuum dev.,Mechanical Powder dev, Promotion , Power High Voltage, and Solar Plant Dev. they are all closed email lists and have between 1 and 5 on each team, having gone on different Open design Opensource days their seems to be conflicting views about if they are best open or closed, most of my people prefer closed but I am sure I could convince them otherwise, but whats you views do you have any particular experience to draw on?

3. Would you be able to set up a Metal specialist design review team at University of bath? I have 2 retired professors that might do a bit but I really need a team including powder metallurgists, and Electron beam specialist? Do you have any contacts in industry for a partnership around the design review structure / info exchange.

Kind regards rapatan Tansen