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Example Development

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documenting a generic tool/artpiece
CAD Models
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Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY These are CAD files for the Solid Model Assembly .xml.zip, .stl.zip --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Your-File-Name CAD FILES FOR PARTS These are CAD files for each part. .xml.zip, .stl.zip --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
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1. Provide a way for me (an architecture master's student) to learn, and take with me, the *equipment* that is becoming essential to our practice-my school has a 6 axis Kuka robot, 4 laser cutters and a bunch of CNC mills/water-jets/etc, but for most of us, after graduation we work in offices/design practices without the budgets for these sorts of gear.

2. 3D printer: makes having a higher Z-axis useful

3. CNC router: MDF, plywood, aluminum, maybe zinc sheeting(no idea about how tough this is, just thinking of architectural materials) drilling holes in steel?

4. Modularity: swapping out plastic extruder for spindel for laser - have not tackled this but imaging some sort of steel sleeve with grooves and maybe a bottom shelf with a hole and a top that can be clamped on.

5. Build platform: constrained by equipment already purchased (see below)

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Although it can't self-replicate, hoping that this can be made through the cheap commoditization of the materials used (ie: cheapest ballscrews available sourced from Chinese ebayers) with the goal of decentralizing means of production.

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Software-side, it looks like EMC or any RepRap software will work -- firmware and host software -- see CAM Toolchains. It looks like all of them support the Prusa, and the WatBot uses exactly the same 4-motor arrangement -- software drives XYZ plus spindle/extruder, and a slaved axis is hard-wired in parallel to one of the main axis.

3060, 6060 and 6090 misumi aluminum extrusions+brackets+screws/nuts shown in renders below
Chinese 2.2kw spindle
Hitachi 2.2kw VFD
x4 425oz-in Keling NEMA23
12.5A 48V Keling PSU
Gecko G540
x2 1100mm, x1 750mm, x1 350mm linearmotion2008 ballscrews/nuts + supported rail/bearing block/mount/couplings kit