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Ut Uocare

Release status: Working

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CAD Models
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Ut Uocare is a system of design metrics that can be used to create 3D printer clones at different scales. It was built in 2017 by Liam Johnson and Nick Seward in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. Ut Uocare comes from the Latin:to summon. Ut Uocare printers are controlled by a Core XY operating system, usually operated on a Smoothieboard. Currently there are two prototypes. The 450mm X 450mm X 610mm original prototype, and the 563mm X 563mm X 763mm Behemoth model prototype.

A GUS Simpson, printing a part of itself

Typical Physical Characteristics

  • Octagonal or qauternary bed leveling
  • Vertical elevation system
  • Core XY configuration
  • 3mm filament use
  • Large printing volume
  • Easy to dissasemble
  • Low cost construction
  • Relatively low print time
  • High level of symmetry
  • Sectioned off in sub assemblies.


  • MK I

The MK I iteration designs were smooth sided, fixed dimension models that could be milled. They were scaled by editing the individual design dimensions.

  • MK II

The MK II iteration designs had fingered sides to streamline the assembly process. Additionally, the design file constraints were simplified, so fewer dimensions needed to be altered in order to scale the design.

  • MK III

The MK I iteration designs are still in development, but they implement a dimensional matrix which will allow for one dimension to be changed, and the whole model will scale accordingly. Additionally, an optional second Z screw may be added to the larger sizes to better facilitate bed leveling.


Early Prototype

Future Developments

  • Six Arm Simpson: A 6 DOF robot.
  • BOB Simpson: A BOltless and Bearingless Simpson.