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1. useful :

I think this iPhone case is pretty useful. It protects around the side of the iPhone and has very beautiful design in the back.

2. artistic/beautiful :

It is a beautiful building design. It looks very complex.

3. pointless/useless :

I think this is useless. We don't need a 3D recycle symbol.

4. funny/weird:

A funny design, but it is cute.

5. scary/strange.:

This is a strange design. A little bit scary too.

I believe I am a tinkerer when I was younger. As I grow older, I become less a tinkerer and more interested in computer and other electrics. When I was in high school I receive a present which is a helicopter toy. I really like it and play with it a lot. At that time, I was very amazed by how a small object is able to fly around in my room. However, there is a problem the helicopter toy only work indoor. If I try to play with it outside, it will loss control. Because I like it so much, I start thinking about solution to play with it outside. Finally, I found a solution which is build a paper boat and attach the helicopter on the boat, and then I can move it on the pond in front of my house. In addition to the "boat", I put duct tape around the bottom of the boat to make it waterproof. I was very proud of my design and spend a lot of time playing with it.

I agree with the idea the article is trying to present. The corporate culture stops the tinkering and it is not helpful for innovation and creativity. I think tinkering in a way present a sustainable method for designing a product. Tinkering makes people spend more time on their design and try to design a sustainable and intelligent product. The primary design principle I take away from the interview is that he said"try to understand people through observing them" He uses this method to make his product better and better. I was very impressed by the way he thinks. When I saw they are working on 3D printer, I was very surprised he is working on the same thing as we are. I think watch people who are familiar with the current 3D printer and think of how to make it even better will help with our project.