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2.1 - Every part has some issues to deal with replicating. You'll find that single level circuitry has been done and there are some designs for stepper systems which don't use stepper motors. The microconrollers are tricky....but hey, Arduinos are available at radioshack now. See what you can find, I bet you'd be surprised at what's been accomplished.

2.2 - Your interpretation of Bowyer's phrase is pretty apt, not everyone gets that part. Having your own miniature factory is a kind of wealth. We will discuss patents and IP soon enough.

2.3 - Your post is inspiring. You should add some links to it to support your argument.


If you are adjusting the printer statuses please use the color codes specified in here, thanks!

--Afs2015 23:41, 13 November 2012 (UTC)