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3.1 - If the good designs are free, how could you hope to compete with that using a service with a fee?

3.3 - Convenience is often how open-source software companies make money (see RedHat). What types of services related to an open-source hardware platform might be developed?

2.1 - Who cares if manufacturers agree? How would they go about stopping an open source, internationally distributed project?

--- Well I see your point but I wonder how this would affect patent and copyright laws. If a copyright design is being used, that could lead to a potential lawsuit especially here locally in the United States. But there is no way of enforcing it internationally like you mention. For example something real recent is the Apple vs Samsung debate. Both companies offer different marque phones but some violate patent agreements which lead to lawsuits.

2.2 - Are you wealthy only if you sell your product for money, or are you wealthy by being able to make the designs you envision or download? (Value is a funny thing)

--- Well I feel its the initiative that gets you your wealth. If you have an idea or design in your mind but you don't act on it then there's no way to get wealth out of your idea.

2.3 - Certainly, helping the less fortunate is always a noble goal. How might this technology be applied to other countries to help meet their needs?

--- Certainly other countries who might not be able to afford name brand products could use this technology to print out essential pieces to make their living more comfortable.