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Changelog on the homepage? Javascript IRC window? --mrkim

I think there's a mediawiki extension to do the change log. I'll look into it, although I need to spend some time working with the team that's doing up the software we're going to use instead of our mediawiki.

We have a good writeup of IRC in the sidebar, and link to the Javascript IRC client (although I'm guessing you mean a live embedded feed.)

Setting aside website stuff, have you joined the reprap-dev mailing list yet? (It's compulsory.) :D

--Sebastien Bailard 06:23, 3 May 2011 (UTC)


Welcome to RepRap, Mrkim.

Thank you for documenting the 1X2 series of printers.

Simply as a way of constructing a RepStrap -- the 1X2 Shortcat -- I think "The 1X2 connector system" is already a big step forward, compared to other systems for building that are more complicated and less re-usable and require more time, effort, expensive tools, etc. to build a RepStrap.

But I wonder: Is it possible to re-use the parts in that "1X2 connector system" to build something that appears completely different -- for example, something more like a Helium Frog Delta Robot?

Is the "Recent Changes" in the left sidebar close enough to a changelog? --DavidCary 00:04, 6 June 2011 (UTC)

Thanks, It did strike me that making a 3D printer required building almost every basic type of mechanical system. If you have linear actuators, conveyor-belts, drive pulleys, pillow blocks, axles and variable angled vertex frames, you could build many more things than just a Printer. Hopefully, we will see some Delta-bots that use the best of both! -mrkim