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Re : Please let me know if I am handling abusive pages correctly. I started to categorize them to the page you created. I also tag them with the key word for deletion. However, I have no more power than that. It looks like some of them are being re-listed after I edit them. I will continue to edit them as soon as I notice them in recent changes. I am fairly new to media wiki so I wasn't sure if there is anything more I can do.


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Hi Mobythevan

I'm just a bod that found the site and want a Mendel. I have the same powers on the site as you do. I suspect you know more about MediaWiki as well. I'm more of a tikiwiki man and I don't know much about that :).

From what I hear, the person to contact is Sebastien Bailard. He is cheif bod on the library/web site side of things I think. I have left him a note on what I have done and I'm hoping he will let me know if I'm doing ok or just causing problems. No word yet though.

I suggest you contact him. I PM'd him on the forums here Forums.

The wiki has loads of info but its a bit spread out and difficult to navigate at the moment. I'm hoping to help order it and get rid of the junk.

Give Sebastion a shout and see what he say's. More hands make light work. I'm a bit loath to do to much before I have spoken to somebody a bit more offical than me. Then we can dive in.

Rob robsbots

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Hi Guys, Sebastian and I work together on the wiki, and I stumbled on your talk, so I though I'd just give you both some positive feedback.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to patrol and improve the wiki, we really appreciate it!

Secondly, with regard to Spammy pages, please edit them, and replace the spam with the word "spam". Then one of the wiki editors with 'delete' priveledge can come along later and clean-up the whole lot in one quick move.

Thanks. Buzz ( Core Team member, SysAdmin, Wiki, etc ).

Took the freedom to simplify the procedure. Works just as well. --Traumflug 14:09, 24 December 2012 (UTC)