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3.1 - Cool. What about the application of DRM to 3D printing? Can they ever put controls on the content or the equipment itself? Would legislation ever be effective? Could there be a war on 3D printers like the war on drugs?

3.2 - We need more 3D printed art. Come talk to me about 'trick' prints we can do if you're interested.

3.3 - You say "...people may begin to realize how dependent we are on one another." I don't deny that there's a certain lack of this in general. Have you felt this way for long, or was that a response to the video?

2.1 - Okay, but Bowyer addresses that it won't self assemble. What about trying to make all of it's own parts though? (Consider this: )

2.2 - They might produce a lot of stuff.....translating that to wealth is tricky. Perhaps it's better to think in terms of value. It's valuable to be able to print out almost any design. That generates a kind of wealth in terms of practical application without resorting to outside organizations. I only wish they were worth their weight in gold. You looking to buy one?

2.3 - I was thinking more about the larger project, but you've made an interesting argument contextualizing it here at PSU. What objectives might we set to try and spread the awareness of this to the rest of UP?