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3.1 - Drugs are hard to control as well, but we still have laws to do so. What kind of ban or legislation might be attempted? Think like a congressman.

Yes drugs are controlled and we still have laws to do so, but that does not stop all drug dealers and users. Just like music laws. There is no harm in making your own things, people have the capabilities of doing it now with machine shops, 3D printing will just allow it to be easier.

3.2 - There are probably some more projects around here which you'd enjoy fighting with then. I'll try to keep an eye out, but don't be afraid to look around for what you can make better.

I am not trying to fight with anyone just bring a realistic view to it.

3.3 - Would iTunes be as affordable if there weren't means to obtain the music for free? On another note, couldn't someone become famous for their designs by giving them away for free much faster than by charging for them?

I think that iTunes is priced as it is, is to compared to CD's. If you buy a CD on iTunes it is similar to the pricing of CD. The only difference is you can buy one song which is .99 cents. I do think if it was harder to obtain a song for free that iTunes would increase its price, the whole supply and demand thing. I think that if people gave there stuff away for free, it may not increase their fame. Think of Apple products, they are over priced in comparison to the same PC specs, but they are good and people are willing to pay them at that price. Apple is over priced and very famous. I think the fame would come from how good the product is.

2.1 - Instead of replicating the threaded rods, could we re-design around them?

As discussed in class we could make a solenoid; however, I think so much precision of the machine is used from threaded rods in the motors that replicating them with another printer would affect how accurate the printer will be.

2.2 - Does having access to a printer like this make you feel more enabled?

Yes it does, I feel that with the use of this it will allow many easier operations being able to be done with a 3d printer instead of milling metal or other methods of manufacturing.

2.3 - Have you considered the extruder as an application? We can create other 'apps' in it's place, with little modification. Does that give you any other good ideas?

I have not, I think that would be a good idea. We could use pencils, stencils, or other things to make the REPRAP machine more usuable. For instance, growth of DNA as discussed in the movie presented in class.

1 - Why can't you use a plastic washer?

You cannot use a plastic washer to replace a metal one. The properties of the washer would decrease drastically, and if was used for tightening a metal nut, it would dig right into the washer. There could be for a plastic washer, but it looked as if they copied a metal washer, for prototyping purposes of a metal washer.