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Now readable, though you might want to look at some other pages to take their formatting.

3.1 - What about government prohibitions on unlicensed 3d printing?

3.3 - What about making a system that people adopt without the use of IP just because it works? Someone could be freely distributing their printable designs just so that others will recognize their ability and hire them for specific jobs which aren't distributed. I'm not sure that this hasn't already happened, actually.

2.1 - Rather than reproduction, what about replacement or redesign? There are some who are looking into alternatives to stepper motors which still provide quick stepping action.

2.2 - It's not just about money.... wealth can be thought of in terms of value in several ways. Also, don't forget that this means of production is affordable by not just the rich!

2.3 - How would printiverse become more professional in your view? (your 'last' thing isn't last, btw)