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3.1 - Great response, I think you've caught most of the key ideas in this. Can you imagine any possible way to impose steep legal implications anyway? (even if they won't work)

3.2 - Did you play much rollercoaster tycoon?

3.3 - I think the 'getting noticed' is the most important part. If someone is known for producing quality designs which are easily printed and useful, I suspect they would get lots of 'street cred' as it were, and perhaps could build a business from that. I would like to have more design contests to facilitate this sort of thing locally. Thoughts?

2.1 - So, we can't quite make a perfect self replicator, but how many of these vitamins might we replace?

2.2 - I'm not sure if i follow your argument about prices going back up, as even traditional manufacturers use raw materials, however you're right in some sense: filament prices have gone up, and it's probably not a bad market to be in, if you can make a good feedstock.

2.3 - So, more and more better things forever? What might we want to consider regarding a metal-based printer system?