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My apologies for distroying your page. I must have been too fast and on auto pilot while clicking wrong while erasing the flood of spam on this wiki. 80% of my "contributions" consist of erasing the annoying stuff and I believe this is the first serious fuckup. In the future the autopilot will be off ;) Thank you for notifying me instead of only reverting.

Bitflusher 10:25, 27 September 2012 (UTC)
It's all good bro! Keep up the spam enforcement! :) -Danielpublic 10:27, 28 September 2012 (UTC)


Dear Danielpublic,

I see that there are two OpenSCAD tutorials on RepRap that are almost word-for-word identical: OpenSCAD and Builders/Links and Blogs/Individual Pages/openSCAD.


There are very good reasons for forking a wiki page. A copy of one wiki page can make good scaffolding for another wiki page. Perhaps 2 pages with 2 different perspectives on the same subject. (Perhaps you wanted an "advanced OpenSCAD tutorial" and a "beginner's OpenSCAD" tutorial"?). Or perhaps 2 very similar pages on slightly different subjects. (Perhaps you wanted a "beginner's OpenSCAD tutorial for RepRap" and a "beginner's Blender tutorial for RepRap" that both cover the same tasks?). Often someone realizes that a page is getting too long and needs to be split into 2 pages, so we end up with 2 more-or-less identical pages, and that person fully intends to come back later and edit things so *some* of the content is on one page, *other* content is on the other page, with very little content on both pages (and hopefully no content "falls through the cracks" and is lost).

But most of the time, such duplicated material is produced accidentally. Few people ever really get comfortable with using the "move" tab at the top of every page. So when someone tries to change an awkward, hard-to-link name to some other less-awkward, easier-to-link name, using some method *other* than that "move tab", we get accidental duplication. Few people ever really get comfortable editing "someone else's" wiki page. So we get accidental duplication.

Since as far as I can tell these two "OpenSCAD" tutorial pages are accidental duplication, I suggest merging them together, and if there is no objection, I or some other wiki editor will eventually do a merge.

--DavidCary 18:33, 18 February 2013 (UTC)