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3.1 - I'm not sure that the profitability of corporations would be destroyed outright. Don't forget: IP is only needed when you are charging enough over the cost of manufacture that other people can undercut you and still run themselves. I'm not sure if that kind of protectionism is really required for a business to operate. What about the government? We have other prohibitions, why not one on unlicensed 3D printing?

3.3 - What about not wanting to use IP because you get more renown just from sharing your really high quality printable designs with people? You don't need to address the IP system directly to challenge its utility.

2.1 - What about just making more of the parts ourselves? How might we make our own stepper system (maybe without motors)?

2.2 - What about transportation and storage of goods? How many mass manufactured parts go unused? Wealth and value are funny things, though if we had infinite wealth, why not make everyone else rich too?

2.3 - bonus points for backing up your point with a link. I don't think anyone else did that. Try to think of some neat possibilities that you think we could accomplish....things within our grasp even though they might be a little tricky at first. Then we will start to try.