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About me

Hi! I'm from China University of Mining and Technology, located in the Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai. My hometown is Dali City, Yunnan Province, located in the southwest China, which is a famous tourists attraction contains picturesque landscapes, old temples and ancient city, if you can visit there I could be your guide traveling.

I'm a non-degree student here, it's a kind of exchange student which can study at Penn State one semester only, but my home school didn't have contract with PSU. I applied there by myself because the College of Engineering at Penn State is very good and I can well prepare for my graduate program.

I dream to be an entrepreneur based on technology, so I learned I learned various basic Engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Mineralogy and so on. I tried to develop potential market value by setting up an innovative enterprise within what I have learned.

3-D printing is such a awesome technology that makes product design much easier, and the technology itself has great potential for innovation. I'd like to discuss the 3D printer and its design with all of you!