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Blog #1

1. useful :

I think this iPhone case is pretty useful. It protects around the side of the iPhone and has very beautiful design in the back.

2. artistic/beautiful :

It is a beautiful building design. It looks very complex.

3. pointless/useless :

I think this is useless. We don't need a 3D recycle symbol.

4. funny/weird:

A funny design, but it is cute.

5. scary/strange.:

This is a strange design. A little bit scary too.

I believe I am a tinkerer when I was younger. As I grow older, I become less a tinkerer and more interested in computer and other electrics. When I was in high school I receive a present which is a helicopter toy. I really like it and play with it a lot. At that time, I was very amazed by how a small object is able to fly around in my room. However, there is a problem the helicopter toy only work indoor. If I try to play with it outside, it will loss control. Because I like it so much, I start thinking about solution to play with it outside. Finally, I found a solution which is build a paper boat and attach the helicopter on the boat, and then I can move it on the pond in front of my house. In addition to the "boat", I put duct tape around the bottom of the boat to make it waterproof. I was very proud of my design and spend a lot of time playing with it.

I agree with the idea the article is trying to present. The corporate culture stops the tinkering and it is not helpful for innovation and creativity. I think tinkering in a way present a sustainable method for designing a product. Tinkering makes people spend more time on their design and try to design a sustainable and intelligent product. The primary design principle I take away from the interview is that he said"try to understand people through observing them" He uses this method to make his product better and better. I was very impressed by the way he thinks. When I saw they are working on 3D printer, I was very surprised he is working on the same thing as we are. I think watch people who are familiar with the current 3D printer and think of how to make it even better will help with our project.

Blog #2

“Mother of all Demos”

I watched the Douglas Engelbart video and read some article about him. He talks about the relationship between human and computer and how computer can solve many tasks for human. He also show audience how to analyze data. I am not very impressed by the video. In the first minutes, I can not see the text at all. And his voice is very hard to hear. However, I think the features of computer mouse and cursor have no differences. The pointer follows his movement of the mouse until he stops at a some point. Also, he use clicking to select different line in the text.I think that I would have recognized the importance of this work if I were in the audience at the time, because it bring convenience for human using computer.

"Professor Richard Doyle"

Professor Richard Doyle mentions the video “Mother of all Demos” in his presentation. People at that time don't care about Engelbart's invention. They think it is useless. I think sharing information is really important for the whole society. By sharing knowledge, people can improve their current knowledge. It can promote innovation and creativity. There are a lots of great example that show making something open source can help it gradually improve, such as reprap project and android.

Blog #3

Part A: 3D printing in Civil Engineering

Professor Khoshnevis has a brilliant idea for automated construction. At the beginning of his speech, he talks about need for construction in third world country, but automated construction may not work

for those countries. Automated construction required the large "printing" machine. The machine can cost millions of dollars and some countries can not afford it. Also, usually in those countries labor is much

cheaper than using machine and some place may not even have electricity. However, automated construction will be a great idea for rapid growing cities in developed or developing countries. As the city population

grows rapidly, housing become a big problem. Since demand is almost greater than supply, housing price increases every year. Automated construction is a great solution, because it is cheap and fast.

A problem should be take into concern is the weather condition. Wind, rain, snow and heat can create a lot of problems.

Part B : 3D printing in Biotech

I don't know much about biotech, but I know if this technology can be achieved, it can save a lot of life. Current 3D printing in biotech such as prosthetic limbs, custom hearing aids and dental fixtures

they are placed outside of a human body. If 3D printing in used to print a human organ, the object will be place in side a human body. Then the material selection is very critical, It needs to be printable and

will not be rejected by the human body. I think there is still lots of research to be done.

Part C: 3D printing in Food Science

3D chocolate printer is a potential business idea. I know in Hershey Park one of the must have activity is create your own chocolate. Kids and parents love it and for a piece of chocolate people pay 20 dollars for it.

And the line is always so long. Kids can pick the flavor of the chocolate, ingredients inside the chocolate and the design of the box. One of the reason people love it is they can watch the process of their own chocolate.

I believe people will pay more if they can watch their own chocolate design in 3D printing! They can design a chocolate house, shoes and dogs. Almost anything! I think Hershey should consider this idea.

Part D: 3D printing in Fashion

Fashion require creativity and sometime to create a beautiful design need a lot of complexity. That why some beautiful clothing are very expensive. They required hand-made process and takes lots of time.

With 3D printing, some crazy design can be create easily. It will make beautiful clothing more affordable.

Part E

I find a video for 3D printed shoes.

Blog #4

I think it is very impressive that two people are able to work on a project when they are so far away. They must have really strong communication skill to make the product happen. And more important they all have passion about helping the five-year old boy to have a robohand. Their passion don't stop there. They also want to make this project open source so that many people from all round the world can benefit from it. They use 3D printer to speed up their process. Since stl. is a small file, they email each other the file then just print it out from their 3D printer. I think this will also work very well for global company that has branch all around the world. Their project team can use 3D printer to work with branch from anywhere. The apparent weakness of the close-source apparatus is that they are too expensive. A few people can afford it. However, it has some benefit such as they are more reliable product and may have better customer service since it is a very expensive product. On the other hand, open-source robohand is inexpensive and people can customize their own robohand. The weakness of the open-source robohand is that it require some skill and work to build it. We may go to the MakerBot's Thingiverse to print out some parts and try to find a way to make it even better.

Blog #5

1) A)This object is a iphone 5 case. It is a object with both artistic and useful feature. Therefore, the artistic feature,which is the design in the back of the iphone case is copyrightable. However, the iphone case itself can not be patentable.

B)It is a BIG's astana national library. It is artistic and beautiful, so it protected by copyright.

C)A Recycle symbol file should be protected by copyright, because this is not a "original work"

D)It is a Trunk Monkey design. Again, it is a art work, protected by copyright.

E)A model of the infamous Shadow Battlecrab spaceship from Babylon 5. It only has artistic feature, so it is only protected by copyright.

2) In Xiaomo's useful stuff, I find a 3D glass clip design is particularly obvious cases of patented material. It is useful and very creative. It only has useful feature if it is filed it can be protected by patent.

In Yaqi's blog, I find a classic example for copyrightable material. It is a cartoon characters. It is a art work.

3)For the legal reasons, having a license means that the usage conditions of the object are settled. Copyright law does not effects the object in the future. For the cultural reasons, licensing non-copyrightable parts of an object encourages people to work on more creative things without the concern of copyright issues.

Blog #6

A)The first article describe different thoughts about the future of 3-D printing. The article quotes President Obama's State of the Union address, which says 3-D printing will rejuvenate American manufacturing and revolutionize the way we make almost every thing. It also says President Obama has pushed other new technologies before, such as wind and solar energy, but this one shows more promise. Here I can see that 3-D printing has gained government support. Another key point is "3-D printing is worming its way into almost every industry" People start to see the broad usage of 3-D printing. And it is a great opportunity to create new business. The last key points is "America could have a 3-D printer in the classroom in the next few years." The education systems can use 3-D printing to teach kids many thing. It can become a innovative way to learn.

B)The reason is that the article want to emphasize the importance of 3-D printing. I think it is very important, since government has showed support and anticipated the future of 3-D printing. It gives energy in the this technology and make more people willing to work hard and innovate in this area.

C)My major is Mechanical Engineering. I believe that embed 3D printing into our ME program can improve student's learning. I find dynamic courses are very difficult. If professor can use 3D printing to demonstrate those concepts, it will be much easier for students to learn.

D)I think it will be better to use commercial printers for mimicking their program. They are more reliable and easy to use for new users.

Blog #7


I think 3Doodler is an amazing design in personalizing 3D printing technology. It is a whole new way to “print” your imagination into physical object. I believe this is a brand new way to express your idea. Engineers usually describe their idea in words or 2D/3D drawings. Sometimes, it is not very effective to let audience understand through those methods. 3Doodler provides an effective solution to this problem. It can turn an idea into a physical object in minutes. It can even print an outline of a building. However, it may take some time and exercise to use this 3D printing pen.


Formlabs is a company started out from MIT. Kickstarter is a very good platform for Formlabs to raise money through crowd-sourcing. Formlabs’s goal is to produce simple 3D printers that easy for users to use and has features like high resolution and good quality. 3D Systems is currently suing Formlabs for patent infringement. 3D Systems claims that Formlabs is infringing on their stereolithographic technology. Form1 printer is a great product, but Formlabs should consider patent issue before they launch this product.


I think Kickstarter is a great platform for crowd-sourcing. Crowd-sourcing is to raise money from public. And asking for donations for your company is also a form of crowd-sourcing. Kickstarter is something new for crowd-sourcing and it has many benefit. Entrepreneurs don’t have to spend lots of money to test a start-up company. Through Kickstarter, entrepreneurs can clearly understand whether or not the company is going to be successful. However, there are still some issues such as Formlabs. I think that Kickstarter is still in its beginning stage, but it is very likely in the future it will be fully used by entrepreneurs. Kickstarter has a long way to go before it clearly defines its stand in the crowd-sourcing world.

Blog #8

Blog 4 Review

Yaqi Yang

Yaqi strongly praised Oven and Richard on their contribution on 3D printing technology. She talked about they use lots of time to work on 3D printing technology that would help disabled people to gain back their ability. They aren’t looking for profits. They are doing the right things to help people around the world.

Xiaomo Zhang

Xiaomo has a really interesting blog. He said the reason he wanted to become an engineer is he wanted to make a difference. He think the people who make the robohand are really making a difference. Xiaomo explained the difference between open and close source. He believe open source could motivate people’s innovation.

Mark Keller

Mark provides many useful links in his blog. He shows us the links for roboand on thingiverse and he also provides the websites for donation of the project. It is very important that the project gain support from public. People around the world will benefit from their efforts.

Blog 6 Review

Michael Bilyk

Michael has great idea about using 3D printers in Penn State classrooms. However, our printer don’t have tolerance that commercial printers have. It may become very unreliable. It will be better to use commercial printers for educational purposes.

Mark Keller

Mark’s blog is very well organized and has many useful pictures and links. I enjoy reading his blog with extra informations. It makes me learn a lot. He is also very good at summarizing the content of the articles.


In Chris’s blog, he points out that President Obama stated the importance of 3D printing technology in American manufacturing. He think embedding 3D printing into the ME program of UVA is a great idea. 3D printing provides a better way for engineering students to understand difficult concepts in textbook.

Blog #9

Using photos to create 3D models is something totally new to me. I can’t imagine how software is able to do that. By reading the article, I find that it is a very amazing way to create 3D models. It provides a brand new way to create 3D model for user who don’t know how to use CAD software. It can be very helpful if there are some feature of a product is very hard to create in CAD software. Using the photo method can save a lot of time. I know there is a 3D scanning devices in our classroom. The laser-scanning based model is different form the photo based model. For the photo based, user need to take several photos of the object and the accuracy is depend on the quality of the photos. For the laser-scanning based models, because the laser would detect the whole part of the object, the model would have a higher accuracy than the photo based models.

insight3d is a opensource image based 3d modeling software.

Blog #10

None of my classmates choose my blog #4 and blog #6. I think one of the reasons is that I forget a part on my blog #6. I didn’t complete it on time. After looking at other classmates’ blog, I think my blogs have many areas that can be improved. The blogs I chose and other classmates chose are very well organized. It makes readers easy to read and have a better understanding. On the other hand, my blogs are not well organized. I need to work on my organization. Many top blogs have contents that include research and pictures. It makes their blogs more attractive. I look through all my blogs and none of them has pictures. Also, many blogs have longer discussion than mine. In comparison, my blog is much shorter. In order to maximize XP points for the remainder of the semester, I should add more content into my blog and express more of my own opinions and interesting ideas. When it is necessary, I can also add pictures to make my blog more interesting.

Blog #11

I think one part of our printer should be redesign is the filament feeding system. The current feeding system is not very effective. We always need to turn the roll of filament to help it feed into the extruder. If we don't pay attentions to the filament, the extruder can get stuck and it destroys the print. I think it will work better if the roll of filament just hanging on a bar. It could still have some problems but it is the best method I have used so far. I don't have any great idea to hang the roll of filament on top of the printer yet, but I think it is a part should be redesign.

Blog #12

I will definitely push the dual extruder project. I have seen many high-end 3D printers that all have dual extruder. And I always wish our printer can have dual extruder. With two extruders, printer can print in two different color. It adds another feature when designing 3D printed model. I can imagine many creative design can be printed with dual extruder. In some high-end 3D printers, they have one extruder for actual printed part and one extruder for supporter materials, which can be wash off later. This can enable our printers to print more complicated parts. It can fix a lot of overhang problems. It will take our printers to a whole new level. Another advantage of dual extruder is it can print with different size of tips. We currently have .5mm and .35mm tips. The high resolution tips can print finer, more precise parts. However, it takes longer for it to print. If we can have both size on a printer, the printer can use the .35mm tip to print the surface of the part to make it more precise and accurate. And it can use the .5mm tip to fill in the inside solid parts of the part. Overall, I believe dual extruder has many advantages, the class should focus on this project.

Blog #13

I think the course should give some more lecture on 3D printing in general. I know we have to read article on 3D printing every week, but I think we should have a chance to talk about them in class. We express our own idea and share with the class. It will give us a chance to inspire each other and think more creative with 3D printing. During the whole semester, we only deal with OHM model 3D printers. I think the course can add lecture that talks about other 3D printer that exist. What is the different between them and our printers? What is the newest technology on 3D printer? Through understanding them, how can we make our printer better? These are questions that I want we have a lecture to explain them. I read your email about the next semester will have more lectures. I think it is a great idea. It can make this course even better. Our course is so far the most enjoyable course I have ever taken at Penn State.