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Delft Hackerspace

Hey RepRappers, this is the account that represents a group in Delft, The Netherlands. Our goal is to build an awesome hackerspace in Delft. To do this however we need funds. Were doing everything we can:

  • Building Stuff
  • Making Websites
  • Writing Software
  • Putting Skills & Education to good use for the community

Nema 17 Stepper Motors | High Torque

More importantly however, for this page is that we are also sourcing the best available electronics for the hackerspace. Which we also intend to sell, at minimal profit but in such a way that it can contribute to the cause.

Right now we have a batch of new Nema 17 Stepper Motors (LDO-42STH47-1684A). See Data Sheet attached. Were working on the website, but for now they are 14.99EUR INCL Taxes. If you want more we can agree a lower price. The office is next to the post office and we aim to ship them A.S.A.P once an order is confirmed.

Just contact us via [email protected]