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About Me

RepRap User: Sam Carroll
University Penn State
Class of 2016
Major Civil Engineer
Partners Nate Myer, Zack Cameron, Ben Gorenc, Jes Mewkalo

Temporary Place For Awesome things

The picture below is of a printed automatic door opener that the creater uses to open and close a chicken coop door on a timer. The system uses a timing device and a stepper motor to open and close the door. I think this is a great labor saving device. It's basically a timed actuator. This could be adapted to changing the position of solar pannels, opening and closing a doggy door while the owner is away...the options are endless!

3D Automatic Door Opener

Door Opener.jpeg

Below is a picture of a water wheel from thingiverse. Not special for any particular reason, other than I want to buil a big wooden gristmill when I'm older. I've tried building 3D models of it before out of wood, however it was hard to make symetrical. This has given me the idea to print some parts and will save me countless time for certain parts. Pelton Hydraulic Turbine


My Designs

MendelMax 1.5 Z enstop mount

Thingiverse Page