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The RepRap Mendel now comes in 3 major variants. Each version is ready for you to build.

Please note that the Prusa and Huxley are still somewhat experimental and not yet fully documented.


The faster to print, cheaper to build Mendel Variant

Select Prusa


The travel-sized Mendel Variant

Select Huxley



All 3 axes fdmd sml.jpg
The first RepRap design <p>Select Darwin</p>
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People are more important than tools. First check to see if you have a local RepRap User Group. Ideally, they may allow you to borrow a set of Mendel parts, as part of the Loaner Program. Or they'll be happy to sell you a set.

Already have a RepRap? Excellent!

If you have a RepRap, like Mendel, print a set of parts and build a RepRap. This is the ideal case. But if you are reading this, you don't have a RepRap yet.  :D

For Sale Forum

If you'd like to buy a set of parts, and you don't have a local RUG, try the For Sale Forums.

Table Saw

If you have a table saw, build a WolfStrap. You can also build a Wooden_Mendel but it is more complicated and a less elegant use of wood.

Milling Machine

If you have a milling machine, you could build a Metal_Mendel. but you're better off building a WolfStrap out of aluminum.

Or better, build a ORE-Bot. This may require metal-lathe operations, and Guy, ORE-Bot's designer, cheerfully says that it's a lot of work.

Drill Press

Build an Eiffel. And then add a Bill of Materials to the page.

No Drill Press?

Build an Eiffel, but use pre-drilled square steel tubing. And then add a Bill of Materials to the page.

Laser Cutter

If you have a Laser Cutter, build a LaserCut RepRap or a Pirated_CupCake. Many local shops which make and engrave trophies, desk ornaments, etc., have moved to Laser Cutters. Many local universities have laser cutters in their art/architecture/engineering/design departments.

Large CNC Router

If you have a large CNC Router, build an Isaac. (The Isaac is currently the best-documented FlatPack RepStrap design so far.)

Large Pile of Money

If you have a large pile of money, use a commercial 3D printer to print off a set of Mendel parts. </p>

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