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I'm Software architect with automation background. I've worked on open sources software on embedded hardware, specially with openembedded that i really like. You can see my linkedin Public Profile at . Join us in reprap group !

My openembedded user page :

Our french fablab at tmplab Vitry : ( in construction , come on ! )

Contact : ronan @[email protected] aimao ^dot^ org


I'm interesting in RepRap project because :

  • it's an open source project
  • it can share a lot with robotic projects
  • it can provide cheap and quality machines for autonomy projects as ecovillage ( see )

work on reprap

I focus on smart actuators and sensors architecture. I believe that a decentralized architecture is more efficient and cheap that the actual centralized one. IHMO , a good way to have such architecture is CANopen. I'll explain why soon. See for more information.

At spare time, I'm studying make arduino working as a CANopen node for reprap and others Robotic projets. To do that , i first need to get CAN on AVR working, then make the noduino.



robotic artistic projects

links for myself