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  • Well I'm not very far in but I got a donation of 12mm threaded rod and was to lazy to cut it, this is a decision I may live to regret. Its great to be a member of an active community, with so many ideas. As a toolmaker this "no sharp cuttings on the floor" thing really appeals, cos that is what covers the floor around my home lathe and mill in the garage. Well here's the pics to give an idea of what I started Big Mendel Frame[1]

I'm building hot ends for folk in our group atm, using old tiles instead of PEEK and look fwd to the the first long run test thru one, this should reduce lead time and cost on development.

  • This can link to my interests in miniature steam trains and I hope to use PLA for lost wax castings.
    • Regards Rob B
  • rob_melb on Freenode in #cchs #melb-wireless