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I am Peter Harrington, I'm from Michigan.

I am an Electrical Engineer, I have five US patents which come from my work building power converters in the semiconductor industry.

Most recently I have been working on data science/data mining, and I wrote "Machine Learning in Action" published by Manning in April 2012.

I have built an FDM printer from 2009-2011, and just recently started the RepRap Maureen project.

I love 3D printers, they are my only hobby. I think the key to their continued success is commercialization. There are a lot of people doing things related to 3D printing in their free time, but few people making a living/feeding their families from work related to 3D printers. I fully support anyone trying to sell parts/models/kits/materials/services of 3D printers. I will buy your products if they are useful. If you want to make or sell any parts for Maureen please feel free to link to your shop under the vendors section.