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  • DIY PCBs double sided toner transfer (have magically become official documentation!) (yay!!!)
  • Gen3_DIY_PCB_Toner_Transfer gen 3 files tweaked for toner transfer and notes
  • DIY_Direct_hot_end a hot end with thermal barrier screwed directly inside heater block and using classic cooking machine gas nozzle (interchangeable)
  • Vlad_Tepes a slightly bigger printer with 12mm smooth rods, double x axis, possible inner chamber, and guaranteed to waste 10x the plastic and 100x times the nerves than any other printer would :-)
  • Xpresso_Smoothie Electronics support board for LPCXpresso or mbed - developed with Mr. TopherMan.
  • RDB Electronics to complement a generic/unknown development board for 3D printing purposes. Old school wiring.
  • RDB-STPTS-002-DIY - Support components for functions: 5 pololu drivers, 4 thermistors, 3 endstops, and 4 switches (low side mosfets with optional optoisolators and mosfet drivers). Optimized for DIY: single sided, no bridges, large clearance 0.5mm, min track width 1.5mm, format and traces "bulky" enough so board could be made with any diy technique.
  • RDB-STP-001-G-DIY and RDB-TS-001-G-DIY are depercated


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