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JCollasius Knight Documentation
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JCollasius Knight

Release status: in development


A cartesian XY/Z machine.
CAD Models
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The JCollasius Knight is a XY head type 3D printer, with easy to print and easy to gather parts. Developed in OpenSCAD its fully parametrical and can scale from tiny to huge build volumes. It uses aluminium t-slot extrusions for the frame. Every used part can be customized in the config.scad file to accommodate the available parts in your country. Since the belts must be very good aligned it's necessary to take exact measurements of some your BOM parts (if they are not standardized) like the pulleys and the belt. The 3d printed parts are build to fit your BOM, not the other way around. Keep that in mind. Since it is necessary to edit the config.scad to match your BOM there are not precompiled .stl files available. Build them with OpenScad as you need.


The first model had a build volume of 35*35*35cm³ with a 50*50*50cm³ footprint. As this 3d printer is highly scalable is easy to build a machine with 50*50*50cm³ build volume of even one cubic meter. Just keep in mind how long such a huge print would take with a puny 0.4mm nozzle. You might whant to use a E3D Volcano hotend with a suitable nozzle size.