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== Welcome to my User page. ==

My name is Nathan Crum. I'm a mechanical engineer with 8 years of industry experience. I've worked in materials handling, thin film vacuum coating and most recently in the lithium battery development industry. I have a fair amount of skill and experience in manufacturing, design for manufacture and general machine design. My interest in RepRap is both to contribute to the community via. competent mechanical design and reviews and potentially to some day leverage those contributions into a small commercial business.

I see tremendous potential in the existing RepRap designs, but also a lot of room for development both through expansion of the range of applications as well as simple mechanical changes in the fundamentals of how the printer moves & operates. About 3/4 though building my own RepRap right now, I think there's also tremendous opportunity make these machines more accessible, easier to build and (hopefully) less expensive to get started. Although RepRap's stated goal is to be completely self-replicating - there will always be advantages to economies of scale and striking a better balance between DIY & volume production could make a big difference in this community.

N. Crum Feb 24 2012