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  • 2011 May 25: Began build (received eBay RP parts and vitamins, bought and cut steel rod).
  • 2011 Jun 17: I am able to print ultimachine PLA using XP, FiveD for RAMPS, and RepSnapper.
  • 2011 Sep 09: Upgraded to Sprinter, Pronterface and SFACT. Now printing PLA 0.25 layers super fast.


  • I find that I need a fan blowing onto the print area to keep PLA from sagging on small or thin walled parts. My x-carriage has a couple unused screw holes in front, so I SCAD-ed up a couple 135 degree angle pieces to hold a (40mm?) fan that blows down towards the part (I haven't needed to cool the hot end yet, my respect to arcol!).
  • My Y axis belt was vibrating a bit, and rather than remove the bed to tighten the belt I printed a belt tensioner ( which got rid of most of my backlash.