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Purchaser of a TechZone Huxley kit, and helping to fill in the documentation for it.

Notes on the TechZone Kit

The kit in general is pretty good. TechZone made a modification to their firmware that required a small piece of replacement hardware, and they sent it out without any extra charge. Some of the printed parts are a tight fit due to slight warping, but nothing so far has been unusable. The extruder tip set didn't match what appears on their website (They have an oak block in all their current pictures, and I received a white plastic insert), but should still function. They appear to be the primary documentors for most of the Huxley pages on the wiki so far, although some of them are still scattered and incomplete.

List of pages for TechZone Huxley Assembly

TechZoneHuxley - Has links to most pages, but the below are also useful:

Generation 3 Electronics/Tech Zone Remix

TechZone Tip Assembly

Wade's Geared Extruder



Mini-Mendel Z-axis