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SPANISH: Intentando construir una Prusa 3 en Castellón.

ENGLISH: Just trying to build a Prusa 3 in Spain.

Contact me if you want some wiki page translated from Spanish to English or vice versa. Mi primary language is Spanish though, so I need someone to verify there are no grammatical errors and/or general nonsense after the translation.

If you want me to translate some page from the "Clone Wars Project" there are some things you need to know first:

  • That project is focused on Spanish builders only (trading in Spain, meetings, info about local shops, etc).
  • 90% of the wiki pages are just personal build logs.
  • That genealogy tree you see is just the genealogy of individual machines, not the genealogy of new designs.
  • There are only a few original designs in the project, like the Shiva Hot-End.
  • There is a little game we play inside the project, in which builders get ranks based on their printer completion, i.e. padawan = still building the printer, jedi = printer finished, jedi master = printed a complete set of parts for a child machine, etc.


  • You can find good general info there, such as general build info of each design, BOMs, video tutorials, etc.
  • We are very active documenting stuff, though only in Spanish for the moment.

As I said, contact me for translations. Contact Obijuan for questions about the Clone Wars Project, or write to the mailing list (Spanish only).

Personal Notes


From IRC (2012-11-23) (note: kthx is a bot):

[14:40] <buZz> ideal steppers?
[14:40] <kthx> ideal steppers are NEMA17 size, rated 1.5A to 1.8A or less, 1-4 volts,
               3 to 8 mH, (44Ncm, or more of torque,
               1.8 or 0.9 degrees per step (200/400 steps/rev respectively),
               for example the kysan 1124090/42BYGH4803 or the 17HS8401

General info


There is a good pile of knowledge here, must investigate: