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BouncyMonkey is the avatar name for Hamish Trolove, an Engineer at heart and by training.

While he does not need another 3D printer (we have an Ultimaker) he was pleased to get some neuron exercise by helping User:VikOlliver to develop a new Reprap [Rroofl]] at the Fab8nz Conference held in Wellington (New Zealand). At some stage he will build a variant just to see that the stuff he is designing actually works.

Hamish has been known to work as a Professional Engineer (to help keep him in food and have a roof over his head). he has also been known to Mentor kids in creative stuff such as drawing, computer graphics, and instrument making.

Other places you can find Hamish (aka BouncyMonkey) are Thingiverse, and Deviantart, as well as a few freebee models on Renderosity, ShareCG, Blendswap, and