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My printer kit

My printer is running although somewhat unreliable. It started as a kit kit (Dutch)and an expansion pack but has been altered to my likings.

So my reprap is a: - Prusa Mendell with LM8UU Linear barrings (changed x cariage from 3 to 4 LM8UU) - Hot end for 3mm filament with a 0,5mm nozzle, this is self sourced and is a mixup of both jhead and arcol hot ends - Sanguinololu electronics - Heated bed with a PSU that can keep up, printing on sanded Ikea mirrors - Aluminum belt pullyes (T2.5)

In my opinion the kit is somewhere between the printshop almost mass produced heavily tested and commented kits and self sourced boxes of materials from many suppliers. I know it will cause some frustration and but a working printer will be the end result.

Future goals

The obvious first goal is to make the printer more reliable. Then the fun really starts. Goals are in different categories as shown below.


- Print nice things from Thingyverse, just for fun

- Print something usefull (help someone)

- Print a set of plastics for someone genuinely interested


- Upgrading the printer with other hotends (smaller nozzle size/1,75mm nozzle)

- when needed fan mounts for the extruder, motors or steper drivers

- herringbone gears for the extruder


- Perhaps build another reprap, the huxly sized FoldaRap has potential to become a great gadget to take to nerdy friends.


- Whenever possible find solutions to fix or improve on my reprap and share sucesses (and failures when interesting)

p.s. I hate spammers (account creation reason)