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This is my RepRap printer

My name is Kyle, and I am a young RepRapper and tinkerer. I built a SAE Prusa i2 in 2013, and have been fixing the things I break, but if i get lucky, I'm printing with it.

Current RepRap Projects

I have several projects, and many ideas, but such little time and resources to do them!

RepRap User Group on Thingiverse

I started and am the administrator for a discussion group of RepRap things on Thingiverse. I encourage you to join here:

SAE Prusa i2

I noticed that the SAE_Prusa_Mendel development page was for the first iteration of the Prusa Mendel, and I wanted the i2, so I did the conversion for the i2, and successfully made the first SAE i2 that I have heard of. Technically, I suppose it isn't fully SAE because I used GT2 belts and pulleys, but it sure helps reduce cost for those of us in the U.S., Myanmar, and Liberia. (Apparently Canada, too, I've heard) I plan on adding more info on this soon, and I can make a development page for this if others think that it would be helpful.

My All-Metal Hot End

I also made an all-metal hot end for my printer mainly to reduce the cost of my printer. It was a lot more learning that a complete newbie like myself expected, but after much work and effort, I produced a working all-metal hot end that cost me under $15 to make. I broke it last winter, and haven't gotten around to fixing it, as I bought a J-head, but I plan on rebuilding my hot end, (especially since I just broke my j-head,) and adding a bunch of documentation as well as instructions on building your own. I also plan on naming it. There will be more info on this and a development page once I get it re-built and working properly.

RepRap Arduino Pololu Shield

I haven't made this yet, as I don't currently have the funds, but I do have BOM written up for the prototype. I think that this would be a valuable development for the community, as it seems that it would make a very simple and inexpensive electronics board -which would be great for beginners. The shield will be compatible with most of the full-size Arduino boards, offering a very modular system. I need collaborators!! If you are interested in this project, PLEASE contact me here: Special:EmailUser/3D-ME.

A Solder-Extruding Hot End

This is an idea of an all-metal hot end that is specially designed to melt solder. I haven't done much with this design except research, drawing up a rough BOM and a diagram of how the prototype would work. This project is pretty much on the 'back burner' until I can get my other hot ends and projects done before developing this.

3D-Printable End Stop Switch

Most current release:

I saw this project as a challenge after breaking an end stop switch, so now I have developed a fully-working 3D printed end stop switch. More info at the link.


Thingiverse: I have several designs posted here.

RepRap Forums:,23860

More Is Coming Soon...